How To Recover From A Social Media Fail

How To Recover From A Social Media Fail

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There’s no doubt that social media is a large ingredient of online marketing strategies for many companies. Having more than 1 billion active users on Facebook alone provides remarkable opportunities for business in a range of different ways. Evidently, advertising is the largest opportunity for businesses, but there’s also a terrific opportunity for businesses to communicate with their customers on a personal level through various social media platforms. Customers can convey all their feedback via a company’s social media account; the good, the bad, and the ugly. So ultimately, there’s going to be an abundance of social media blunders when businesses reply to customer’s feedback online.

The issue here is that whatever you post on the internet, stays on the internet, so it’s important that an adequate amount of time is spent in presenting accurate and suitable responses to customers via social media. At the same time though, there’s typically going to be some newsworthy controversy. If social media blunders aren’t managed appropriately, they can severely damage a brand’s image and can even put a company into crisis mode within a couple of minutes. So here’s a brief overview of how your business can bounce back from social media fails with little damage to your brand and image.


Have a sense of humour

When innocent social media blunders transpire, making a joke of the situation by using some quick wit is one of the best solutions. In most cases, shedding some humour so everyone has a laugh is the internet version of nearly tripping on the pavement and turning it into a dance recital. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts that encounter high volumes of interactions, including likes, comments and replies, so it’s possible to transform a basic blunder into increased exposure and a broader target audience, all from an innocent mistake!


React immediately

Regardless of the type of social media fail, the quicker you act, the better your outcome will be. In today’s online world, controversial news spreads like wildfire, so it’s important that you confess your mistake, genuinely apologise then accurately state the next steps you will be taking to rectify the situation. Just ignoring the mistake can have destructive repercussions and the longer it takes you to take action, the more momentum your social media fail will be gaining and the more challenging it will be to solve.


Be honest

It’s essential that you are honest about your mistake and the steps you’re taking to remedy the problem. There’s no point arguing with your customers if you’re the one who has made the blunder! If you deliberately lie about how long it will take for your servers to be back online or the length of time before new stock arrives, it’s only going to hurt your brand and reputation by further frustrating your customers. Instead, if you are honest, your customers may not be happy but they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re not making yet another mistake! Nowadays, honesty is refreshing and lies only intensify which can likely turn your blunder into a disaster.


Keep moving forward

Social media mistakes, even crises, does not define a brand so once you’ve resolved the situation as best you can, keep moving forward with business as normal. So long as you’ve taken a professional approach and you learn from your mistake, acting like it’s water off a duck’s back is much better than dwelling on the situation. You’ll need to put measures in place to significantly lower the chances of such fails arising again, and this will only improve your social media team with more experience. Social media mistakes are like a wake-up call, and in some instances, you may find ways to improve your product’s or brand’s image as a result of your blunder. But whatever you do, don’t shy away from your social media’s efforts. There’ll always be another company’s social media blunder to talk about tomorrow!

Social media is a powerful force in today’s society and companies are making the most on the various opportunities it presents. Having the opportunity to interact with your customers on a personal level is spectacular, and you will need to be prepared for social media blunders because they will happen at some point or another. This article explains some key ways to recover from social media blunders, including using humour, acting fast, being honest and moving forward with business. If you find yourself in a deep social media crisis and you need assistance before things get out of hand, speak with digital marketing experts who will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently. Contact the team at Internet Marketing Experts Bunbury on 1300 595 013 or visit their website:


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